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 The period of accelerated technological innovation when companies could develop such technology in a free and flexible way is now over. Companies now face many governmental regulations, including those relating to safety, which impose certain conditions on motor sports. Given the current circumstances, technological innovation has slowed and developments relating to efficiency are becoming increasingly important.

Consequently the market for vehicle lubricants has been changing. Major oil manufacturers have had to pursue profit in the face of the rising price of crude oil and globalization. They must now understand the ingredients of base oil and improve rationalization.
The demand for unique and specific vehicle lubricants is increasing. Such markets are niche and often overlooked by major companies which can not supply customers with such specialized products to meet their specific needs.
Our organization has filled this gap in the market. We have continued to remain active as a true innovator of new technology for more than ten years. We have supplied lubricants for worldwide car races and domestic car races, fulfilling the demands of the end user.
We have acted as an engineer for major oil manufacturers and have plenty of experience working as an engineer for major racing teams. Our unique experience and knowledge makes us the leading engineer group for specialized vehicle lubricants in the marketplace.