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M361 1L / M362 500ml

M361 / M362

We have 2 types of Glycol-based fluid. M361 (DOT5.1) is for urban motoring. For hard driving conditions, use M362 (DOT4).

  M361 M362
Dry Boiling Point(℃) 270 330
Wet Boiling Point(℃) 190 200


M330 / M331 / M332 1L

M330 / M331 / M332

Moty's Power Steering Fluids reduce frictional power loss at various moving parts under high temperature/high load conditions, and minimize aeration and over flow of the fluid. This products increase the loose feeling of moderation to good handling feeling and achieve high drivability. M332 is used at very adverse driving conditions like WRC. If you do not satisfy with the performance of M331, use M332. For latest model low viscosity applications, use M330.

  M330 M331 M332
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 25.6 37.3 41.3
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 5.51 7.36 8.13
Viscosity Index 160 167 175


M381 1L


Moty's M381(SAF) is developed to meet the needs to draw maximum performance of the shock absorbers under all conditions from low temperature to high temperature/high load conditions. You will quickly notice the fast vanishing speed of babbles when you assemble the absorbers. This product has high shear stability even under adverse operating conditions. and maintain the damping force for long period of time. Well balanced Moty's proprietary function additives contribute to control wear of piston/cylinder, maintain lubricity even from low speed and reduce the scuffing of inner cylinder.
There are 6 types in Moty's M381(SAF) to meet all requirements.

  SAF-2 SAF-3 SAF-7 SAF-12 SAF-17 SAF-19
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 5.72 11.6 37.8 77.8 124 143
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 1.87 3.03 7.02 11.9 17.0 19.0
Viscosity Index - 120 149 147 150 151

The viscosity index is not defined for oils with kinematic viscosity at 100°C below 2mm2/s.


M747 2L


Moty's M747 is developed for use at motor sport under high temperature/high load conditions. This product not just perform high cooling characteristics under high temperature/high load conditions, but can also withstand at temperature as low as -34℃ which you rarely find temperature as racing coolant. So, you can use this product as all season long life coolant. On the other hand, thoughts on ecology is taken into consideration where such ethylene glycol as approved by PRTR is used as base material and compounds of silica, amine and phosphorus which are prohibited to use under PRTR are not used.

For full use of this product, we recommend you change 100% to this product. If the inside of radiator is contaminated, clean inside of radiator with M750.

M750 20L


At every coolant change, use this product which has material compatibility and safety. Drain used coolant and change to this product 100%. Drive for few hours ~ few days and drain it all then change to M747. Please do not used M750 at below 0℃.

Fog Clear


This product is used on shield of helmet, goggle and inside of windows to clear the fog.

How to use:
Before you use this product, clean the surface with neutral detergent and wipe off with clean cloth. Then, apply this product on scattered places, extend it and wipe evenly.


MS41 Special lubricating spray 300ml


This product has high penetrating characteristic and soon forms tough and thick oil film. Has high extreme pressure and anti-fling off characteristics.

MG88S Anti-seize spray 300ml


Can stop seizure from -130℃ to 1,371℃. Has also high corrosion preventive characteristic.

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