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There are 8 types of Moty's grease for vehicles. These products (expect MG65 and MG88) can widely be used in hub bearing, drive shaft etc. To meet your exact needs in higher level of performance, we need to know your detailed specification, driving conditions or other possible information for final selection of perfect fit grease. We can also develop new grease to meet with your needs.

  MG65 MG64 MG68 MG81 MG83 MG85 MG89 MG88
Color Black Red Green Tan Red Gold Black Silver
Thickener Benton OBCS Polyurea OBCS Benton OBCS Benton
Base Stock Mineral Mineral Mineral PAO PAO PAO Ester Mineral
NLGI Grade 2+ 2+ 2−

MG65 Torque control/sliding surface grease 400g

This product is for high extreme pressure/high load sliding conditions and is water resistant and non-drip type. Good for sliding part like clutch release/fork and fifth wheel of trailer truck.

MG64 / MG68 MG81 Extreme pressure multi-purpose grease 400g

High impact resistant and extreme pressure grease. Good for wheel bearing, driving shaft and almost all applications.

MG83 High temperature non-melt grease 400g

Good for hub bearing on comparatively light weight vehicles and this product has low consistency drag under high rpm.

MG85 / MG89 Ultra extreme pressure/high temp. grease 400g

This product is developed for drive shaft of racing cars and drive shaft under ultra high temperature and/or high load conditions. This product is non-melt type.

MG88 Anti-seize compound 100g

This product is developed to prevent damages caused by carbon fusion, seizure, galling, heat, water etc. Can be used on bolts of turbine and/or exhaust parts.

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