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Gear Oil


Moty's gear oils are so developed that they can stand with high temperature and high load, and they can perform each characteristics to the fullest. Ordinary gear oils have been developed for smooth lubrication to prevent the wear of gear tooth. However, adding to that, modern automotive gear lubrication requires smooth drivability with quick and safe shifting. In gear system, high level of hydraulic control property and slip control property are required. In other words, it is required for modern gear oils, not only to cope with old-fashioned smooth lubrication of gears, but also to cope with new types of gear materials and versatility of gear system designs. Furthermore, even in the same LSD gear system, we have to consider the difference in driving conditions such as the level of pre-load and frequency of overhaul, and operating temperatures to select the most suitable gear oil. Same thing could be said when you select gear oils for manual transmission systems. To solve these complicated problems, Moty's prepare five types of gear oils with various viscosities for your best customization.

M400  4L / 20L

M400 series products are developed to meet the requirements of universal usage applications from considerably rough clearance transmission gear boxes to latest compact car transmission gear boxes. Multipul hydrocarbon type synthetic base stocks and multiple ester type synthetic base stocks are used for this product using new concept in tribology together with newly balanced function additives. This product is specifically for manual transmission gear box only.

  75W85 75W90 75W140
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 72.4 92.1 204
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 12.5 15.7 27.2
Viscosity Index 174 182 169

M405 / M405M  4L / 20L

M405 is developed to minimize the transmission oil drag in small compact car transmissions under high temperature, high load sport driving, and assure you correct synchronizing of the synchronizer ring in the transmission gear box for long period of time.

  • This product can also be used in gear boxes with LSD of FF cars for sport driving keeping the synchronizing capability and at the same time reducing chattering noise of LSD for long period of time.
  • This product can be used from ordinary town drive to sport drive, and improves shift feeling at low temperature in cold districts or in winter.
  M405 M405M
75W80 75W90 75W80
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 59.2 79.8 59.0
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 9.34 13.7 9.39
Viscosity Index 139 177 141

M407  4L / 20L

M407 is semi-synthetic gear oil consisting of special mineral oil as used in Moty's M509 mineral gear oil and multiple ester type synthetic base oils together with various types of Moty's proprietary function additives. All viscosity grades in this gear oil are so designed to cope with considerably wide clearance transmissions. Different from other viscosity, M407/85W140 has more function additives to cope with better lubrication of LSD.

  75W90 80W90 80W110 85W140
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 106 161 216 254
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 14.5 18.0 21.8 31.7
Viscosity Index 141 124 121 167

M408 / M408D  4L / 20L

M408 is, different from M407 which is for relatively rough clearance transmissions, developed for compact and tight clearance transmissions. Moty's M408 consists of multiple hydrocarbon type synthetic base stocks and high temperature resistant, high soluble ester type synthetic base stocks fortified with selected function polymer which enables to maintain cohesiveness under high searing speed at the sliding parts of the gear systems.M408D is added for LSD applications.

  M408 M408D
75W85 75W90 75W140 75W140
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 58.0 100 195 185
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 11.0 16.6 26.9 26.0
Viscosity Index 185 180 174 175

M409 / M409S / M409M  4L / 20L

M409 is developed to withstand for long period of time under high temperature and high load conditions. This product consists of non-polymer, ester type base stocks and chemical structure and molecule weight distribution of each base stock are properly blended in a state of micron level. Differently balanced function additives are added to each type. M409 and M409S are aimed to draw performance of LSD and M409M is specialized to draw the potential of synchronizing performance of synchronizer ring. All of this group of products can be used for dog missions.

  M409 M409S M409M
75W140 80W250 75W110 80W190 75W140 80W250
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 246 363 152 390 234 349
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 31.9 42.5 21.2 39.9 31.9 42.2
Viscosity Index 173 172 164 152 180 176


Moty's technology on mineral base oil is also materialized on gear oils. You will notice quiet gear change and shift feeling.

M502  20L

This product is a standard model of Moty's mineral tear oil and ca widely be used from town drive to circuit drive. Special mineral base stock and well-balanced various fundtion additives are used for this product. Depending on viscosity grade, you can use it for various manual transmissions and differential gear boxes with LSD.

  75W90 85W140
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 94.0 411
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 14.6 29.0
Viscosity Index 161 98

M503  4L / 20L

M503 is developed to put more importance on old fashioned type characteristics than M502 having higher quality in thermal stability and durability under high temperature and high load.

  90 140
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 172 388
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 17.1 28.3
Viscosity Index 106 100

M509 / M509S  4L / 20L

Based on tribology on old fashioned mineral base stock and Moty's proprietary function additives, this product is the highest quality special mineral gear oil having excellent adhesive/cohesive and excellent shock resistance properties. Other than for transmissions and differentials on old fashioned cars under high temperature ad high load conditions, this product can also be used for transmissions and LSDs on latest model cars. In that case, you will feel unique shift feeling and lSD performance which you will not be able to experience with synthetic tear oils. For FF cars with LSD under high temperature and high load applications, M509S(80W110) or M509(80W140) are recommended.

  M509 M509S
75W90 80W110 85W140 80W110
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 93.6 222 432 225
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 14.7 22.6 32.0 23.2
Viscosity Index 164 125 107 127
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