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DCT(Dual Clutch Transmission) is regarded as next generation transmission to AT having smooth transmission performance like AT and high transmission efficiency of MT. Furthermore, it contributes to better fuel consumption and comfortable shift feeling. This system is rapidly spreading especially amount european manufacturers of high HP/high performance cars. On the other hand, toward the down sizing trend, space comfortability requirement and driving stability aspect, functional auto parts are subjected to high temperature because of layout and space limitation. To cope with problem, Moty's have developed 5 types of DCTF for best fitting of various conditions.

M350 / M351L / M351 / M352 / M353  20L

The performance required for DCTF is not just one aspect. Slip control characteristic on multi-plate clutch,compatibility with synchromesh, hydraulic control characteristic, anti-wear characteristic on gear, durability etc. have to be maintained in high level of performance. Not to mention the compatibility of materials used, Moty's DCTF are throughly considered from the stand point of trybololgy to make as non-polymer type with the combination of special hydrocarbon type base stocks. Thus, the viscosity index is higher than ordinary DCTF and yet has low temperature viscosity characteristics maintained. This product has also high anti-wear characteristics, and oxidation stability under high temperature and high load conditions. Moty's use totally new function additives to achieve these high standard characteristics of M351 and M352. For low viscosity application, we have M350 and M351L and if you want one for endurance and/or thermal stability application, we have M353.

  M350 M351L M351 M352 M353
Kinematic Viscosity(@40℃) mm2/s 23.1 34.1 39.8 52.0 69.66
Kinematic Viscosity(@100℃) mm2/s 4.98 6.56 7.31 8.67 10.5
Viscosity Index 147 151 150 144 138
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