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M650 Engine Oil Additive 300ml


This product has high detergent/dispersant ability and keeps inside of your engine clean. If your engine is already contaminated with various residues, this product will degrade them and dissolute into the oil and you can easily drain off at your next change. This additive also prevents sticking of piston ring and makes it joke smoothly. The molecular weight of this product is well balanced leading to restoration and maintenance of compression, quiet running, power up and betterfuel consumption.

How to use:
Add one tube (300ml) to every 4 ~ 10L of engine oil.

M651 Gasoline Additive(Power Charger) 200ml


Excellent detergent/dispersant characteristics of this product keeps injectors Gasoline Additive clean and maintain ideal spray pattern of the fuel. With the help of oxygen contained compounds, good combustion is promoted and combustion efficiency is increased, and this will control formation of combustion residues. Finally, this will contribute to increase power and fuel efficiency. 

How to use:
Add one can(200ml) to 60 liters of gasoline.

M652 Gasoline Additive(Octane Charger) 200ml


This product helps to increase the octane number of gasoline when you need higher octane gasoline for your engine. If you change the compression ratio or accelerate the ignition timing of tuned engines, or even with normal engines, knocking will happen when the temperature inside the combustion chamber increases under long hours of driving or hard driving. This product helps to solve these problems.

How to use:
Add one can(200ml) to 60 liters of gasoline.

M653 Gasoline Additive 1L


Incorporating the basic function of M651, this product is developed to make the price economical and to have added detergent and dispersant characteristics. This product is in one liter container with measuring cup.

How to use:
Add 10ml to every 10 liters of gasoline.

M654 Diesel Fuel Additive 1L


This product is developed to increase the performance characteristics of diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil and to prevent residue build-up on injector and/or burner nozzle, thus increasing fuel efficiency and preventing black smoking.

How to use:
Add 10ml to every 30L of fuel.

M655 Gasoline Additive(Carbon removal type) 200ml


This product works on carbon in combustion chamber, especially on valves etc. and get rid of it. By using this product with Moty's MCS series products which can also remove carbon, you can get further efficiency.

How to use:
Add one can(200ml) to 60L of gasoline.

M665 Flushing Oil Additive 1L


Different from ordinary petroleum solvent type flushing oil additives, this product contains special proprietary balanced detergent/dispersant compounds. At the same type, this product protects camshaft, piston, cylinder etc. where metal to metal contact is vital.

How to use:
Add 5~10% of engine oil quantity.

While the engine oil is hot or worm, add M665 and idle for 15~30min. with periodical racing and them drain the oil and replace new oil filter element.( The oil temperature is higher and duration is longer, more effective) For those vehicles which do not have maintenance record, you have to be careful about clogging of strainer. In that case, repetitive work in short period of time is recommended.

M668 Coolant Additive 1L


This product prevents rust and corrosion, and increases cooling efficiency and lubricity of water pump.

How to use:
Add 0.5~1% to coolant quantity.

M669 Universal Sealer 200ml


This product conditions, lubricates and protects seals on AT and power steering, and prevents oil leakage. By increasing lubricity, drag and squeaking be reduced.

How to use:
Add 1% to ATF and add 1~2% to power steering fluid.
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